Welcome to BioPonic EARTH, an Earth where growing food is so innovative it's almost Magical. We are going to take YOU on a Tour of what's possible for Agriculture in the 21st Century. The 19th Century marked the Industrial Revolution, a shift to powered, special-purpose machinery, factories and mass production. It wasn’t long before the U.S. and other countries challenged themselves to make agriculture more efficient and the principles, strategies and technologies of industrialization was applied to farming. Since then three and one half million family farms in the U.S. have vanished, while large corporate farms have replaced them. The goal of these Big Agra Farms–to be the supermarket for the world.

In this 21st Century, the pendulum swings back to a whole new way to grow food bringing healthy, organic, pesticide free food back to the people along with small farms serving local populations. This food can be grown in acre-sized systems, backyard systems, a garage or spare room. This new Agra-Tech makes all the difference. In some ways, it's high Tech. In other ways, it takes us back to the days when everyone had a garden and every Gramdma knew how to can food. We invite you to read our MISSION STATEMENT below:

What is BioPonics?

BioPonics is the process of biologically converting high nitrogen content organic plant based feed stock into nutrients used in the growing of plants. BioPonics that utilizes fish waste converted to nutrients to fertilize plants is called Aquaponics (AP). When the BioPonics is accomplished without the fish, we call it Nitraponics (NP). The bio-digested feed stock (which could be fish food), fertilizes the plants.

Together, Aquaponics and Nitraponics are Agra-Tech disruptors that change the food growing equation and make it possible to grow food without soil or fertilizers while conserving at least 90% of the water that was necessary in tillage farming. BioPonics has arrived on the Agricultural scene when Russia, one of the world's biggest producers of fertilizer, has stopped shipping it around the world in reaction to U.S. sanctions. Now food can be grown without fertilizers!

BioPonics produces nutrient rich water so the plants grow and thrive without the addition of unnatural and unhealthy pesticides and fertilizers. This is soilless growing where plants are raised in a substrate or simply immersed in the nutrient rich water. After twelve years of R&D, we are ready to bring this food growing technology to the world stage.

BioPonic Earth, LLC offers custom designed state-of-the-art Agra-Tech that is both sustainable and highly efficient for Food Producing Environments such as Farms, Charitable Organization Projects or Home Survival Gardens. Wherever they are, no matter the size, we call them Food Forever™ Farms.

Our Business Plan goes into detail about our Competitors and why our Agra-Tech is superior, less expensive and more profitable for your bottom line. Once you sign our NDA, we'll send you a copy along with our "How A Food Forever™ Farm System Works" document.

Once you've read them, and have decided you want to build a Food Forever™ Farm, we'll create a Contract to define our relationship and establish the Licensing Agreement that covers the Farm you want to create.

Let's take back our Food System together!

We are Grace Sylke and Oliver Duffy, founders of Aquaponics USA, which is our small-scale Aquaponics Systems company selling to Homes and Schools. Under the umbrella of BioPoinic Earth, LLC, our mission is to become the premiere provider of this highly disruptive food growing Agra-Tech that brings food growing back to local communities. The last twelve years of R&D has prepared us to launch BioPoinic Earth, LLC’s Food Forever™ Farms Agra-Tech at this time.

We’ve put in the hours and built two Demo proof-of-concept Greenhouses and an indoor Growhouse containing a variety of different kinds of Grow Lights to get to this point.

We are standing in front of one of our famous Lettuce Walls. Actually the Agra-Tech that grows Lettuce Walls can also grow other Leafy Greens like Swiss Chard, Arugala, Bok Choy and even Herbs like Basil on these Walls. We believe we are one of the only BioPonic companies that has created a way to commercially grow Leafy Greens like lettuce, which is one of the most popular vegetables in the world, in a true near Vertical configuration complete with ease of planting and harvesting.

We're going to ask you to sign an NDA before we show you our Vertical Agra-Tech. Why? Not because it's so Techy, but because it's so:

Learn about our Food System on our Aquaganic™ Page where we discuss the difference between Food grown with Pesticides and food grown Organically, Hydroponically and Aquaponically. This page is a "must read" if you really want to know what's happening with the most important thing on our Planet next to water, OUR FOOD!

This website is a work in progress. Come back to visit our new Pages soon. We'll be sharing the details of an upcoming Build Out of a Micro Food Forever™ Farm at the Biocybernaut Institute in Sedona, Arizona.

We have DISRUPTED your Internet Browsing to share this important message!

On March 25, 2022, Biden announced Food Shortages are Coming! We Can Help!


BioPonic Earth is advocating for Local Food Production that takes food growing away from Big Agra and returns it to the people. For too long, we have allowed Big Food Growing and Producing Companies to take over our Food System. What did that give us? It gave us unhealthy GMO Food that has turned America into the Developed Country with the most obese citizens in the world.


BioPonic Earth is where Walls are made of Lettuce. This Wall of three kinds of lettuce was growing in our Micro Food Forever™ Farm in California before we moved to Arizona.

This Demo Greenhouse that contained the Farm was only eight feet wide and 26 feet long. Not big, but the Farm was able to put out an amazing amount of Lettuce that we sold to local restaurants.

Food Forever™ Farms can be small or large. What's important is they get built and get built fast because food shortages are coming.

China now owns over $2 BILLION of U.S. Farmland, which is about 200,000 acres, and Bill Gates owns 242,000 acres. Can you imagine U.S. Citizens starving while China cultivates food on our land to ship it off to China while Bill uses his land to raise grasshoppers so the Serfs can eat BUGS?

And here's the clencher. That amount of land is less than that owned by other Foreign Nations! Are we being run by idiots? How this has even been allowed to happen, is mind boggling. For the full story (See

The good news is this. You don't need arable land to grow food in a Food Forever™ Farm. You can do it in an environmentally controlled Greenhouse, Warehouse or Growhouse, which during times of Climate Change, can be the best places to grow food.

And you can choose to build an Aquaponics Food Forever™ Farm, which means you're raising food fish so you're providing yourself, your family, your community with both veggies and protein.

We are in a battle for our Food System. Everywhere you turn there are GMO's (Gut Molesting Organisms) that are making us sick and fat. Big Agra, Big Chema and Big Food Companies don't care about our health. They only care about thier bottom lines. We are their guinea pigs for testing unhealthy chemical additives and the next best pesticide. "Food producers use any of 14,000 laboratory-made additives to make our food appear fresher, more attractive or last longer on the shelf." (See

It's time to TAKE BACK FOOD, the most important thing on our planet along with water. That means we need to return to our Agrarian Roots. It was only about 150 years ago when there were no Super Markets, no Pesticides, no Additives and all of our food was Organic because it was grown on Family Farms.

At BioPonic Earth, we are Revolutionaries who are proposing a new way to think about and grow our food! We invite you to join us.

We call it a Lettuce Wall. Lettuce is one of the main Vegetables grown in Arizona.

Food Forever™ Farm Lettuce Walls make it fast and easy.