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The Founders of BioPonic Earth, Grace Sylke and Oliver Duffy, have been in this new Agricultural Field since 2009.That's when they debuted the Sister Company to BioPonic Earth, Aquaponics USA, as a Home & School Aquaponics Company featuring small STEM Teaching & Food Growing Systems. The operative word here is "small".

At BioPonic Earth they're not talking "small". They're talking big or at a minimum of 700 sq. ft. of growing area, which are called Micro Food Forever™ Farms, and the size goes up from there to large-scale Farms. The Agra-Tech described in the "How A Food Forever™ Farm System Works" document, available upon the the signing of an NDA, doesn't apply to the small Home & School Systems. They are too small to need it or be able to contain it in. Vertical Lettuce Walls will not fit in a Classroom, but they will turn a Lettuce production facility into a dynamic Lettuce and Leafy Green delivery System with a minimum of labor hours and unimaginable harvesting ease.

Oliver, who is a retired aerospace engineer, is now considered to be an Expert Innovator in the field, and his expertise is sought out by many worldwide. This great Team consists of the Founders and their System Designer/Greenhouse Manager, Keil Plotczyck, who has been Designing Systems, Managing the Greenhouse, Building and Shipping Systems and performing as an incredible multi-talented and hard working Team Mate to bring both Aquaponics USA and BioPonic Earth to prominence.


Grace Sylke, is one of the Co-Founders of BioPonic Earth and Aquaponics USA, LLC. She has been working with her partner, Oliver Duffy, at Aquaponics USA since 2009 maintaining, planting and harvesting their Micro Food Forever™ Farm Demo Greenhouse. She also serves as the Marketing Director for both of her companies and has designed, built and maintained the Aquaponics USA and BioPonic World Websites, Newsletters, Community Supported Agriculture Program, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter pages. She is the face of the Aquaponics USA and BioPonic Earth and has appeared on all the company videos with her natural, educational, unscripted speaking style.

Grace has had previous teaching experience and holds a Lifetime High School Teaching Credential in the State of California. While working as Director of Vocational Services for the Betty Clooney Foundation for persons with traumatic brain injury, in Long Beach, California, Grace designed and administered the Pre-Vocational Class, oversaw the Job Coaching Team and worked directly with employers like the Home Depot to get her clients trained and hired. There she developed considerable training, managerial and public relations skills and abilities. Ms. Sylke has been working as a Independent Contractor/Trainer for the Biocybernaut Institute Brainwave Neurofeedback Program and will be closely involved with the construction of a Micro Food Forever™ Farm at Biocybernaut.

Grace has excellent people and training skills. She is writing the Lesson Plans and preparing the Materials for the Training Module of the BioPonic Earth "Care & Maintenance of a Micro Food Forever™ Farm" Training Manual.

Oliver Duffy, is the other Co-Founder of BioPonic Earth, LLC and Aquaponics USA . He is a retired Aerospace Engineer who has been designing, building and delivering Aquaponics systems for 13 years. His Aquaponics USA STEM Teaching & Food Growing Systems are in numerous schools and homes around the U.S. He has engineered many improvements on his Aquaponics Deep Media Grow Bed designs used is both Aquaponics USA and BioPonic Earth Grow Beds.

For BioPonic Earth, he recently completed his re-design of standard Deep Water Culture (DWC) Troughs and engineered a very efficient Vertical Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Vertical Growing System that’s capable of doubling the output in any horizontal space. His BioPonic Earth Solid Separation/Biofiltration System coupled with his WET System delivers water so clean it looks like Windexed glass. He has single handedly advanced the state of the art of Aquaponics System Design far into the future; and is highly regarded in the field.

His experience with electronic systems, fluid dynamics, heating, cooling and solar power is what makes him the perfect person to be the System Engineer of BioPonic Earth Food Forever™ Farms and Aquaponics USA's Home & School Food Growing Systems. His experience in managing projects and people make him a valuable asset to the BioPonic Earth Team.

Oliver is presently working on an ingenious design. It's a Nutrient Delivery System that by-passes the Fish in an Aquaponics System for those Farmer/Entrepreneurs who don't have space for the Fish.

A Perfect Team

Let's talk about how you can join the Food Revolution with a Food Forever™ Farm. Give us a Call at: 760-671-3053. We'll help you grow Food in a Pesticide and GMO-Free Zone!

Grace is standing in front of one of the original Grow Beds that was placed in their California Grow Room before this System was torn out and replaced with a unique Deep Water Culture System made of PVC Fence Posts.

At the heart of our Food Forever™ Micro Farms are our 4 ft. x 8 ft. Deep Media Grow Beds. This is where you grow all of your Flowering Vegetables like the Peppers in the foreground and the the Melons in the background. Also available are 4 ft. x 6 ft. Deep Media Grow Beds if space is an issue.

These Grow Beds are made of a powdered polyethylene plastic that is resistant to impacts, most corrosive chemicals and temperature extremes. They are light weight for their size and, therefore, easy to move.

Polyethylene is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

These Deep Media Grow Beds are a foot deep and filled with expanded clay pebbles called Hydroton. You can use gravel, but we don't recommend it because when it's time to plant into your Beds, the gravel doesn't float making planting and cleaning a major chore.

Oliver, our retired NASA Engineer, has designed the most efficient Deep Media Grow Beds on the market with proven external Loop Siphons for Maximum Unobstructed Planting Area. They have highly efficient Deep Delivery Water Diffusers which keep the top of the Beds clear of Fish effluent. These Grow Beds utilize a perfectly timed Rapid Cycle, are fully Supported and Bottom Insulated. They sit on sturdy Steel Stands with bottom shelves for handy storage.

Now Farmers/Entrpreneurs can grow food in Climate Controlled Greenhouses or Growhouses with LED Grow Lights. Each pair of Grow Beds has its own dedicated 500 gallon Fish Tank that is perfectly balanced according to the important Fish to Water Ratio that makes these Aquaponics Systems work perfectly. There is no need for Pond Liner or fancy ceiling hanging gear becaise  you can place a support stake right into the Grow Bed without fear of tearing the Liner.

The Melons in this photo are at the Flowering Stage before they put out their fruit.